On the Hunt With Nyc’s Subway Matchmaker

Its a bitterly cool winter night in Harlem and I’m touring the roadways for black males. It was no common drunken-sex mission, however. Tonight, i am co-piloting my personal first specialist manhunt with New York City matchmaker Erika Christensen.

Recognized expertly as “The enjoy Conductor,” the 31-year-old provides the great personality for this collection of work. She’s lovely, spunky, and good, like an overwhelmingly likable aerobics teacher through the mid-eighties. In addition it doesn’t damage that she’s approachable and pretty in a Wasp-dream-girl type of means: ski mountain nostrils, light locks and eyes. Within 5 minutes of hanging out with the lady, we shed all journalistic decorum and confess, “i truly want you is friends.”

Erika has become matchmaking (pro bono) since college, but moved pro a year ago. “we set my best friend with the man she partnered and that I simply began thinking, ‘This is one thing i really could do.'” The prophecy ended up being satisfied whenever she delivered a fan page to her teacher, the recommendations columnist E. Jean Carroll. Carroll published straight back straight away and so they ended up speaking about telephone for three many hours about starting a business and online dating. Right after, Erika made a business program and
, a boutique matchmaking company, was born.

As the woman website describes: “your like Conductor could be the very first matchmaker going belowground — concentrating on nyc’s 1.6 billion train cyclists, many of whom include many alluring, imaginative and energetically sexy in the world.” You register on the internet and fill out a questionnaire, after that Erika will-call receive your own ambiance and figure out what you are considering. She rarely fulfills clients physically, but as soon as she has a definite thought of the type of spouse you’re looking for and some photographs people, she’s going to hit the subway (as well as roads and taverns) drawing near to total visitors that fit the bill.

The majority of matchmakers consider hooking up rich folks, asking 1000s of dollars, but Erika goes as little as a measly hundred bucks. Utilizing a sliding scale, she sets prices based on just how hard it should be to acquire times for some customer. Lately, men from Connecticut had been eager for her solutions, but she merely operates in New York City, so she energized him $500. “I have another guy, 29, actually lovely, provides a great job, and lives in Brooklyn. We charged him $100 for two several months because i will be capable deliver him on as much times as he would like to go on.” All individuals shell out up-front so thereisn’ ready amount of times per package: She pledges a specific wide variety based on every person’s datability, subsequently keeps working until she delivers.

About specific night we were trying to match an effective, appealing, old black lady. “My personal customer is seeking a 35 to 45 year old, expert man who’s tall, because she actually is had gotten some height, and someone of tone because she is not interested in getting ‘a concert tour manual’ to her tradition,” she tells me. Fair adequate. Our very own objective would be to discover a man who was simply actually large, dark colored, good-looking, financially successful, and most importantly, unmarried. Everything you might phone a unicorn.

Since Erika and that I both inhabit Greenpoint, we meet in the Bedford L end and head uptown. From the platform, Erika goes by a lovely man sitting on a bench checking out a novel and casually drops a card into their lap. It reads: “You’ve been identified” and consists of her site target. “I am not sure, I just enjoyed his face,” she informs me. “But i will be honest,” she includes, “there’s a lot of ‘too cool for college’ going on on the L. It isn’t really just appeal that i am trying to find, it is also a specific types of friendliness.” Bangs and beards, be aware.

All of our first real end from the evening is the Columbus Circle ACE platform. “this is certainly the destination to identify guys simply getting off of work,” she says. “I’m analyzing their unique fingers to make certain there is no rings.” She searches for guys putting on t-shirts, connections, and wonderful sneakers. We spot a hot youthful black hipster with tattoos and skinny denim jeans, but Erika shoots myself down. “Not what the customers wants.” Exactly who stated everything about a client?

Even as we stand round the uptown system, I search for the target trial, like a live-action

In Which’s Waldo?

, except in this instance, Waldo is Tyrese. I see a tall guy in a trench coat and point him . “think about him?” Erika beelines over and movements for him to leave their headphones. The guy looks dubious. When Erika is actually putting up visitors she is like Jim Carrey in

Ace Ventura

as he spews that legendary monologue without pausing to take a deep breath. “are you presently single? I’m a matchmaker. We have a client who’s shopping for a guy just like you. Are you currently interested? You are therefore good-looking.” Initially the person appears apprehensive and responds “precisely why?” whenever asked “are you currently unmarried?” I’m certain the guy believes he’s becoming punked. However when Erika reveals him the woman cards, he knows she is the real deal. Sadly, he isn’t available. “when you yourself have any friends which are the same as you, make them get in touch with myself, okay?” The guy blushes and politely requires the card.

Easily think some guy is lovable, I’ll simply speak to him, thus watching Erika work wasn’t just the truth. But it’s nonetheless inspiring to view some body efficiently connect with visitors, especially in ny. Individuals engage this lady because she is not hitting to them for by herself. Absolutely a buffer because she’s implementing somebody’s part. Before we found Erika, never in so many years would i’ve thought about choosing a matchmaker — it appeared so desperate. But compared to online dating sites, which could occasionally in addition are priced at money and feel much more like Russian Roulette, having an awesome woman hunt times individually isn’t really a negative option.

Because the client we were doing work for tonite uses all the woman time uptown, we choose drop by 116th Street consider a club labeled as
Harlem Tavern
. Erika really does almost all of her people-spotting randomly throughout the day, but sometimes she’ll choose a specific bar or neighborhood to acquire people. Whenever we reach the bar, we look through window and spot a sea of white confronts. Onward.

We stumble upon a stuffed, raucous Karaoke club known as
Cove Lounge
. After taking walks all night without fortune, we decide to simply get inebriated on gin gimlets and also make pals with a gorgeous, wise black colored man just who we easily find out actually unmarried. Everyone become pals nearly soon after offering him the woman spiel, and it’s clear that Christensen must generate a ton of buddies on the job. In the next couple of days, she’ll continue steadily to hunt for the woman customer. But for today, she chooses to play an Adele tune, with a remarkable

The United States’s Got Ability–

design R&B voice. Folks stand on dining tables and clap. And through the crucial break, not missing a defeat, she pitches the group like a car or truck salesperson: “incidentally, I’m a matchmaker, if anyone we have found unmarried, are available look for myself. Let us enable you to get a night out together.”